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I just have checked my gallery statistics and I wondered
that almost 2,000,000 people in total saw my works, which is unimagined number.
Thank you!

As always, feel invited to Martyna Dziekan vs. Photography, which is my official portfolio on facebook. For usage or prints information inquire via email : )

by the time I was absent on deviantart, I forgot how much I appreciate searching for something like those
:thumb338608193: March To The Shore by DropxLife
/ by musicandphotography Jurnajka I. by BlackProserpine
feeling your wounds by Valioza Uku ja Sven by 1Maija
Tribute to Giger. by narva never by bsium
i cut leaves off trees and put them in a vase by NikolasBrummer
Thank you for so unexcepted daily deviation! (:, especially it's such an old photo (2009!) what makes me think about time I am not taking any pictures.

For any prints, usage information, feel free to mail me at ,
and here's my facebook page - Martyna Dziekan vs. Photography .
I've already made it, so -

+ portfolio on wix .

For any questions about my photography, prints, usage of my photos,
note me here or contact me by mail : .
Feel invited to visit: MARTYNA DZIEKAN PHOTOGRAPHY .

For any questions about my photography, prints, usage of my photos,
note me here or contact me by mail : .
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Hello! So we haven't talk to each other for a long long time (:

I just realized - maybe too late or maybe just in time - that is highly unfair to sell prints via deviantart. I know, it can be nice and convenient system, because photos can be easily ordered and delivered, but I would like to emphasize something what bothers me for few hours.
Everybody know, that this way is not good for seller - because he cannot be sure of the quality of prints (I'm sure it is fine, anyway there is no way to check every single one) and - the most important thing here - there are uncountable number of copies possible to make, as always, but with no control of so-called artist. And, what is more important, the gainings are 20% of price, when the rest deviantart receive.

So, it means, that in fact, customer pays fivetime more. Of course, it would be better for the client to have one from signed, numered copies than one of thousands prints, which become worthless in art market.

In few days, I will delete every print from my account and start selling numbered copies for those one, who are interested (because as I see there are some gang of those crazy people). Further informations soon.

Note me or mail me : ,
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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2009, 3:44 PM
Martyna Adela tombe amoreaux !

Nothing else to say.

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my first DD :)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 13, 2009, 3:03 AM
if it's a seven-hour flight or a 45-minute drive
Martyna Adela is going back to 505.

I am so shocked, because today I get my first daily deviation : D

gravitational collapse. by indiae

Thank you, ahmedwkhan for suggesting and FaMz for featuring it!


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it's a wonderful life.

Journal Entry: Wed May 6, 2009, 3:12 AM
Martyna Adela sparks a small box of tinder.

Features 6 /5. 2009

secret royal servant by suo-me The Smile After by MeisterDesZirkuss
:thumb113002200: ghost song. by angelcurls
i'm full of bees
sondurum by uniquealim Wind of change by ClaudiuNenu
cold water_9 by MotyPest The Epic Dream by iNeedChemicalX
who died at sea
Grounded. Solid. by siamesesam Grounded. Typus Degingandus by siamesesam
Skin and bones by fjuk The Passion of Man by misssnap
(sparklehorse - it's a wonderful life)


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69 works by 69 artists.
Subjectively the best photographies of 2008.

Naufrage by 2jL
Dziwne. by 6Artificial6
The Legend Prevails by adenomay
Ballet by Alcholado
Sono Qua by Amatorka
something about asia 2 by aparatka
...self reduction... by Artmguy
usd5 by BenoitPaille
.Self captivity. by josefinejonssonphoto

The Dream by CameraDude
omens by curlytops
. Les mannequins . by dasrotkappchen
Crying Forests by ElifKarakoc
set by epione
Leave - Don't by ennil
don't mind by fabrizio-infrared
believe that we can by mohdfikree
Z filmu o nej by fogke
I will protect you by frixin
.: winter dream :. by GokhanKaraag
oje beautiful muell . by gnato
Blinded By Memories by iKate
alone november. by julkusiowa
18:41 by KeCHi
Someone by jonjacobsen
QQQx3 by meizer
Warm me up by mjagiellicz
poverty by monstermagnet
A u r a by MultiCurious
blue birds. by CaitlinWorthington
Freakum Dress. by polish-girl
Holding All by P0RG
when i was a young girl. by Pretty-As-A-Picture
woolly by RafikTheKid
Sinne Somnu by raphos
nothing 108 by RedupReda
parca dunya by sakiryildirim
stairs by soheir
Facade by sophonisba
Still There by MartinStranka
her name is L..... by suo-me
Fight Back by TeenageMutant
One perfect moment. by TrixyPixie
tutun cekin beni by uniquealim
ice queen by utopic-man
Crimewave by yello-w
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There won't be nothing more than here, on deviantart.
But, of course, feel free to visit me.
Created just to be, comment sometimes.

"If you have a hunchback, just throw a little glitter on it, honey, and go dancing!"

(James St. James (c))

RetroRocket-club indiephotographyclub Retro-Inside VintageRepublik let-it-di Pure-Placebo patrickwolfclub VintageVision TheRealLove-CocaCola

inflexible by ingue :thumb69015267:
:thumb69551967: :thumb47512115: :thumb68345136:
Circle by Plainsong Familiar Feeling by Marinshe Missing by Kaotika
v stekla by Santina :thumb67099703: Don't show forgiveness by jonjacobsen



:thumb69721119: red wine. by plasticmargot
Stigmatized by AlRashide Eating Disorders. by little-pretty Loneliness by Eclipse-in-Shadows
:thumb63388146: Hidden Visitor I by Raventhird we both share by soheir
tvoi vo mne by Santina wet asphalt by MotyPest :thumb51590736:



incubi by Zoroastro :thumb69265162: jaki piekny swiat2 + odwrocone by drunk-on-the-moon
Forgetting to stay II vers2 by ZephaniaOZ fly with me by sabai A Cinderella Story by DalaiHarma
The Devil Is in the Details by ktesnuko freedom by niebezpiecznygroszek If I am the wonder... by mysh-dude
squisita. by mute-nOface ravishing. by HannahCombs kapitan judi by sabai



...private gallery... by Artmguy :thumb49058384: :thumb68123983:
.Bird migration.People escape. by narva _Maybe again she will be alone by chipil tense by AuroraZola
Don't be afraid bw. by anomalia-magnetyczna :thumb63810605: Lora by LonelyPierot
:thumb60946783: Mrs. Butterfly - Act II by Vic4U p.j by pinkorgasm



:thumb69303650: Wasn't so shy by TeenageMutant Descansa by Yasmins
:thumb65452172: Dirty Epic by ktesnuko .venenum. by Pinkmango77
Me, Rafael by RafikTheKid bro by inaniel :thumb65192502:
:thumb67771560: Sanna by enasni Manifestement Docteur by Alyz



read my mind by KissTheNoise :thumb52655878: fourty eight - seven by KeCHi
:thumb49219445: blow your soul slow by yayaaja The Sky Is Mine by ElifKarakoc
La lumiere by frida-vl My New ID.XxX by Pretty-As-A-Picture Take me back to the start by korny-pnk
The Bear Project 6 by firstkissfeelings kocham_paski by kafaiherbata :thumb67259468:



you make me sick. by rybociag :thumb67123436:
k.oo by AnBystrowska :thumb68738631: :thumb68618646:
Mask by Andross01 it's saturday morning. by so-fee
noiwyrzuciljahujzdomu by kafaiherbata ciel un nain by bleuz magic position 02 by TroubleNight



Xe dap II by SynthTwins :thumb47256029: Ronald Mcdonald Girl. by Long-blonde
:thumb52973045: :thumb38996123: The Rider by Bogantropuz
:thumb32252724: r__y by siyahtapot nothing 12 by RedupReda
:thumb61661640: Cola by Yauki-san do you miss my love by TrixyPixie



Little drops of fun. by incredi Narcoleptic by BlackCocktail A.Lil.Trip.To.Heaven by ygksm
Sleeping In... by P0RG :thumb60775086: Rain by sexties
trio by alkapralka Mute by RobbyP :thumb57936736:



ive been sleeping so strange by youreuglykbie best friends by efedrina the sound of pounding heart by PerSe
fou a lier by pindur Balloon . by GnAkK :thumb63253153:
A. by A-O-T-D tomato by hpiekema at mission bay. by charamone
Mannequines04 by horstdesign ftdj by SnjezanaJosipovic :thumb59563209:



:thumb69188452: :thumb60497039: Black Stripes, White Stripes by AlRashide
Cannibalism by Cruzore sunday afternoon by aCherryBlossomGirl joe cool by ravis-sante
blue by irresistible-i I Don't Remember His Name by MultiCurious Awakening by Amanduhzilla
:thumb50795051: Lost desire of tranquility.. by CaitlinWorthington wednesday morning at 5 oclock by curlytops



:thumb67042748: yureginin goturdugu yere by uniquealim Step by step by sabotazystka
consider my soul by soheir the sky is a landfill by Romeo-Tango
mermaid's gift by monstermagnet :thumb66246333: Me and My Monkey by kubikov
Legere by audeladesombres :thumb67848763: by me.1 by vachi-bumbernickle


this article is based on my personal feelings.
not on month of publicating/making.
12 works * 12 pieces, enjoy.

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